The New Royals of Finnish Sauna Heaters

Welcome to the world of Löyly Finland Ltd. – where sauna pleasure is guaranteed with every steam!

Are you searching for the perfect stove to create unforgettable sauna experiences? Löyly Finland's stoves are designed just for you, who value long-lasting enjoyment and moist steam at a pleasant temperature. Our stoves are dedicated to providing you with just that – a sauna experience that tantalizes all your senses.

What makes Löyly Finland stoves exceptional? It's simple: we invest in a large stone mass and its most efficient heating. This isn't just a technical detail; it's a way to create steam that feels like it's been born in the spirit of traditional Finnish sauna culture. Every moment in the sauna is a journey into the traditions of Finnish sauna.

Our stoves are made of finnish quality products. They are designed and manufactured in Finland using high-quality materials, where quality always comes first. We are here for those who don't compromise on quality and want to experience maximum enjoyment in the atmospheric steam of the sauna.

Join the ranks of Löyly Finland stove enthusiasts and step into a sauna world where every steam is an experience, and every moment is dedicated to your pleasure. Quality, tradition, and top-notch design – it's a blend that makes Löyly Finland stoves the perfect choice for you, who want to experience the ultimate sauna pleasure. Choose Löyly Finland – choose quality, choose pleasure.

Electric Stove Loitsu ( Spell )

Löyly's first electric stove, Loitsu, is the most invigorating tower stove on the market. Its design was crafted to meet two demands: the appearance must please even the most discerning aesthetic eye, and the steam must satisfy the demands of the most passionate sauna enthusiasts.

Thanks to its large stone mass and high-quality elements made by the Finnish manufacturer Meyer, the steam from the stove is hardly distinguishable from the soft and long-lasting steam traditionally associated with wood-burning stoves.

Loitsu comes in all different power classes depending on how big is your sauna room in cubic meters. We manufacture 6 kW, 6.6 kW, 9 kW, 10 kW, 13,2 kW, 16,5 kw, 18 kW, 23 kW, 24 kW and bigger heaters.

More about the stove

The design and installation method of the heating elements allow the stones to settle optimally between them. This way, the elements do not heat each other but effectively warm the stones of the stove. The result is a longer lifespan for the elements - and fantastic steam!

Thanks to the ingenious design of the outer shell, Loitsu is also a safe stove. As the stove heats up and steam is thrown, warm air rises efficiently inside the stove. At the same time, replacement air enters through the open outer mesh of the stove, cooling the outer shell more effectively than the outermost stones can warm up. When sauna bathing at recommended temperatures, the temperature of the outermost stones does not rise as scorching hot as the shells of old sheet metal stoves, making the stove safer. Therefore, Loitsu is a good choice, for example, as a new stove for a family with children.

Wood-burning stove Loimu €2,300 including VAT

Loimu is a massive stove that produces steam filling even the largest saunas. With its magnificent stone mass, Loimu provides sauna-goers with long-lasting and moist steam reminiscent of a traditional smoke sauna, all in the cozy glow of the fireplace. The vast surface area formed by Loimu's fireplace and chimney, nestled within the stone mass, ensures even and efficient heating, keeping the stove warm for an extended period.

Suitable for saunas ranging from 10 to 40 square meters.

Loimu is the result of years of design aimed at bringing sauna bathing back to its roots, reminiscent of when Finns, 10,000 years ago, placed heated stones in a dugout pit and began sauna bathing. Loimu is a massive stove that produces steam filling even the largest saunas.

Loimu provides long-lasting and moist steam reminiscent of a traditional smoke sauna, all in the cozy glow of the fireplace, thanks to its magnificent stone mass. The massive surface area of Loimu's fireplace and chimney is nestled within the stone mass, ensuring even and efficient heating.

The large glass door allows for atmospheric lighting in the sauna.

One of Loimu's specialties is its wide fireplace, where you can place logs to burn horizontally, similar to a fireplace. This enables a more even and efficient burning of logs.

Technical specifications:

  • Stone mass: approx. 500 kg
  • Stove dimensions (height 130 cm, width 60 cm, length 60 cm)
  • Fireplace size (depth 50 cm, width 45 cm, height 45 cm)
  • Nominal power: 35.4 kW